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Game Delay

2008-06-03 19:36:31 by scarce

Well, my game engine is being delayed due to my new 60 + hour a week job, it's hard to work on it on the weekends when I'm off cause there's so much I want to do...but it will come in due time, Im stuck on a glitch right now, might have to rework it a little, when I get that fixed I'll post an updated version of it, I removed the other one with intent to put up the newer version, but that glitch prevented me.


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2009-01-18 16:45:32

About your response to my review.
I didn't really want to offend you, I did point out that the music and the backgrounds were tight. I wish you hadn't responded that way, it put a sour taste in my mouth.


2009-01-18 16:47:23

And I didn't say you couldn't draw a body, I said you used an eraser as a character to avoid drawing a body. In this case, since you're developing an engine you probably just wanted something simple since the end product will be pretty different anyway. Eh?


2009-01-19 02:01:22

And you're a dick. 'Have a hectic day?'